Jeep Tours & Other Amenities

This Summer, Doukades Villas are partnering with the Saganaki Team Jeep Tours around Corfu. Whilst you stay in Villa Michael, you can go on adventures with the 4x4 experience to explore the green island of Corfu, its hidden beaches, tavernas and other special places to visit.


Visit the Saganaki Team Facebook page here ⇨


As well as jeep tours, visit our Amenities page for more information on how you can enhance your holiday whilst staying at Villa Michael, including a massage therapist service, local bars and restaurants and information about Doukades Village.

Villa Michael CGI Picture and Beds

Here is a CGI picture of Villa Michael with the view overlooking Doukades. has purchased high end Hotel quality beds for Villa Michael. 

Villa Michael sleeps 8/10 people. 
Parents can have a small child in the room if needed. With pull out beds in two of the bedrooms.

All quality king size zip and link beds. Can be 4 king size for couples or 8 singles for groups.


Villa Michael is renting now for Summer 2017 at half the normal price. Book now.


Just finished a week working at Villa Michael.

We've started kitting the villa out. So this is the contentious bit.

Putting the Aqua Panels on for the plumbers and the lights are going up.

The raised parking area is being done in a stone wall to match the rear, 2 meters high. With steps and a slope for disabled access.

Kitchen nearing completion. Sink to be fitted and American F/F.

The pink in the kitchen is still on trial. So we won't still bang on about it!

Just thought you've been following the outside construction with interest. Inside is a personal statement.

Please look at the latest photos below.


- Mark


Villa Michael Update

Villa Michael is coming along incredibly well with the kitchen worktop being installed, the bath is in situ, the back wall nearing completion and the walls being painted.

The rear stone wall is coming along. The black granite being installed on the stairs and work tops. 
Spa bath is installed and the shower trays. 
Undercoat on the walls.

Plus views from different areas of the villa. 
Looking over to Doukades and Skipero.

Glass measured this week for balconies and stairs. 
Hopefully installed by Christmas. But don't hold your breath!!
When done we will splash some colour around.

Take a look at some of the updated photos below.

- Mark