Babysitting Services

From Lydia Grace Ninou

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 "My name is Lydia Grace Ninou and I am 28 years old. I was born and brought up in Corfu, although my mother is English. I am fluent in both Greek and English languages and have worked in the Hospitality Industry for at least the past six years.

 I have created a private babysitting service, recognizing that parents need to have some valuable ‘down’ time together on their family holidays; whilst reassured that their children are happy, safe and accompanied by a trustworthy, responsible and caring adult.

I will ensure the children are entertained, have fun, and are in bed on time so that the whole family can make the most of their holiday time together."

Doukades Villas does not guarantee any of the services provided and Doukades Villas is not responsible for negligence that may occus. It is the parent or guardian's responsibility for evaluating child care services.